1) Metallic Stearates

In general, Metallic Stearates are the products formed by the chemical reaction of Stearic Acid & metal oxide or metal Hydroxides.

Commonly used Stearates in PVC are:

Calcium Stearate, promotes the fusion in PVC applications and has a good effect on stability.

Zinc Stearate, Delays the fusion in PVC applications

Barium Stearate promotes the fusion and has a good effect on stability.

2) Acrylic Impact Modifiers

MSN 901 provides high impact resistance and mechanical properties in PVC applications especially in UPVC window profiles.

    Other features: - Low dust - Easy flow - Very good UV resistance and color stability

3) Processing Aid

MSN 951

MSN 951 is a general-purpose flow modifier (processing Aid) for PVC applications.

    Some features: - Reduction of fusion time - Improvement of melt flow - Enhancement of melt elasticity and melt strength - Good effect on the quality of product surface

MSN 980

MSN 980 is a lubricating processing aid and reduces the tendency to the wall adhesion of the material during the process. It also makes the surface glossier and might reduce the plate-out.

4) One-packs

Depending on the final applications, we can offer One-packs to meet the customers' requirements during the production process.

Our One-packs are based on Lead, Calcium-Zinc, Barium-Lead

Our vision is to remove Lead and other heavy metals. However, we are still committed to those customers consuming Lead one-packs. We encourage them to substitute the Lead one-packs by Calcium-Zinc or Calcium-Organic One-packs.

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